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Nessie consequences

In Mrs McKerron's group, pupils played a game of "Consequences" and made humorous pictures of Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster.

Clay models

With Mrs Thomas, pupils made a clay model of their own choice. This looks like Nessie in the making!

Scottish stories and poems

Using her favourite Itchy-coo books, Mrs Edwards read Scottish stories and poems to her group.

Weaving tartan

In Mr Purves' group, pupils used brightly coloured wool to weave their own tartan.

Scottish Country Dancing

Mr Darling taught his group some Scottish country dances.

Playground games

Mrs Hilsley, our head teacher, played skipping games with a group in our school playground.

Hunt the Nessie

Mr Devereux, with the help of Miss Currie, our student teacher, led a group of pupils who were "Hunting for Nessie". Did they find her? Don't think so!

Highland Dancers

We had a demonstration of Highland Dancing from two of our pupils - one from Primary 4 and one from Primary 7. They wore their beautiful Highland dance costumes too.

The Chieftain of our Games

Mr Tim Simons from the Scottish Government was invited to be the Chieftain of our Highland Games. He was pleased to meet us all and we were very privileged to have Mr Simons with us.

Our Highland Games

We held our own Highland Games in the summer. We competed in "Clans". We all took part in a variety of potted sports with a Scottish theme.

Pipers from Haddington Pipe Band led all the children and their teachers onto the sports field.

Thomas the Rhymer

Primary 4 performed their version of Thomas the Rhymer for Primary 5.

Here are Thomas and The Fairy Queen.

The Seal-Wife - Part 2

Shonagh came back to help Primary 4 complete the story of The Seal-Wife. It was a fantastic story and everyone worked really hard to act it out. The story is quite sad at the end and Mrs Edwards and Shonagh were both very pleased with the mature way that Primary 4 gave their thoughts and opinions about it.

Thomas the Rhymer

Dave, who is the father of one of the pupils in Primary 4, visited us to help us learn the tune which accompanies the Border Ballad of Thomas the Rhymer. We are hoping to dramatise the story, accompany it with dance and music, and perform it to an audience.

The Seal-Wife

Shonagh, a drama teacher, is helping Primary 4 to understand and act out the story of the Seal-Wife, a story from the North of Scotland.

Scottish Myths and Legends

Primary 4 are enjoying reading and listening to stories from Scotland.

Primary 4 visited the National Archives in Edinburgh to participate in a workshop about the Mystery of the Flannen Isles Lighthouse. We looked at genuine documents and evidence, played the parts of the people involved, and, with the help of the ladies there, solved the mystery.
When we returned to school we were able to use what we had learned to try to solve the Mystery of the ship called the Marie Celeste.


We sometimes have traditional Scottish food for lunch in our dinner hall. Once every four weeks, we have haggis, neeps and tatties. Also, once every four weeks, we have vegetarian stovies.
These photos show the ingredients for stovies - potatoes, onions and sausages - and the finished dish.

Primary 4 worked hard with Mrs Murray, a student teacher, on a topic called Scottish Landscapes, Natural Features, Flora and Fauna. They produced these collaborative collages with lots of different items of interest.
Each pupil designed a "Loch Yester Monster" and the winning design was given pride of place in the middle of the loch!

Our Homecoming Map

We have a special Homecoming 2009 map.

Every child was given a postcard of Gifford and asked to send it to family or friends who have left Scotland and are living somewhere else in the world. They were asked to send back a postcard or photo to show where they live now. These are being displayed on our special map so that we can all see the Scottish diaspora.

This is the left hand side of the map.

This is the middle section of our Homecoming Map.

This is the right hand side of our Homecoming Map.

Primary 5 made a super display about the famous Scottish environmentalist, John Muir, who is one of East Lothian's most important "sons".

Primary 5 drew super Scottish-themed pictures showing great perspective.

Primary 4 created new Loch "Yester" monsters!

Primary 3 found places in Scotland and pinpointed them on a map.